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  1. How-To Videos 

    1. Brief overview (VIDEO)
    2. Create your signature (VIDEO)
    3. When you're the only signer (VIDEO)
    4. When you + others need to sign (VIDEO)
    5. When other people need to sign (VIDEO)
  2. Benefits of HelloSign 

    1. There's nothing to download
    2. HelloSign eliminates the print/sign/scan process (VIDEO)
    3. Sign Google Docs directly from Google Docs (VIDEO)
    4. Sign documents directly from Gmail (VIDEO)
    5. Cloud storage integrations
  3. Integrations 

    1. HelloSign for Google Docs
    2. HelloSign for Gmail
    3. HelloSign for Google Apps
    4. Google Drive Integration
    5. Dropbox integration
  4. Pricing + Billing 

    1. HelloSign - Free
    2. HelloSign - Business
    3. HelloSign - Corporate
    4. Annual pricing at a discounted rate
    5. Where do I find my invoice or receipt?
  5. Business Features 

    1. In-person signing on an iPad or tablet
    2. Password protect signature page
    3. Branding
    4. Admin power
    5. Restrict signature types
  6. Sign Documents 

    1. Self sign a document (VIDEO)
    2. How do I see my saved signatures?
    3. How do I edit my signature? (VIDEO)
    4. How do I save a realistic version of my signature?
    5. How do I add my signature using my smartphone?
  7. Templates 

    1. What is a template?
    2. How do I create a template?
    3. Duplicate a template
    4. Pre-fill check boxes for templates
  8. Template Links 

    1. What is a template link?
    2. How do I create a template link?
    3. Notifications on shared template links
  9. Account Support 

    1. Create a new password
    2. How do I change my email address?
    3. Can I merge or combine accounts?
    4. Does my client have to sign up for an account?
    5. Cancel or delete account
  10. Document Support 

    1. How do I print or save my document to my computer?
    2. How do I rename a document?
    3. Change order of uploaded files
    4. How can I align fields on my document?
    5. Grouped check boxes
  11. Teams 

    1. How do Teams work?
    2. How do I add team members?
    3. How do I control the settings for my Team?
    4. Multiple admins on teams
    5. Why can't I invite this team member?
  12. Mobile 

    1. HelloSign Mobile App for iOS
    2. HelloSign Mobile App for Android
    3. How do I use the mobile app?
    4. Where are documents I send in the iOS app saved?
    5. How do I import documents from Dropbox using the mobile app?
  13. All articles 

    1. Create a new password
    2. How do Teams work?
    3. There's nothing to download
    4. What is HelloSign, how does it work?
    5. How do I print my document?
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