Signature not found on SignUrl via .NET C# SDK



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    Nic Boutte

    Hi Arsen,

    Thank you for writing in! Nic here with the Hellosign API Support team.

    I appreciate you including your code snippet, it really helps to troubleshoot. From what you described the error lies in you grabbing the SignatureRequestId from the API response. To generate a sign_url you'll want to grab the SignatureId from the API response. The SignatureRequestId corresponds to the whole request while the SignatureId corresponds to a specific signer on the request. For example, if you have a request with ten signers you will have one SignatureRequestId for the whole request and ten separate SignatureId's, one for each signer.


    - Nic

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    Arsen Tymchuk

    Hi Nic, thank you so much! Its working!

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