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    Alex Griffen

    Hey Jeff,

    Alex G here with HelloSign API Support.

    If you have a concept of user/creator on your side, you could pass something about that user in the signature request POST body as metadata to identify that request as originating from x user and take actions as needed using the callback event+body (the callback will include the signature request response object, which includes the metadata).

    If you're using the SDK, it's $request->addMetadata($key, $value); // $key and $value are strings

    Then when you're parsing the callback body from $_POST, let's say you're storing the callback body in $data:

    $data = json_decode($_POST['json']); // store the callback body in $data

    $metadata_field = $data->signature_request->metadata->$key; // parse the value from the $key metadata field

    We've seen implementations with this info stored solely on HelloSign's side, on both, and only on the implementations' side, so it's really to you and how you'll be using the information. You can search the signature requests by metadata values and keys, which may help:

    Hope this helps and makes sense! Keep us posted as you work through what's best for your situation!

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    Jeff Grove


    Thanks for the reply Alex! I have some follow up questions but I can ask them during a call with API Support this afternoon.

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