How to get files_url when using PHP SDK SignatureRequest object



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    Alex Griffen

    Hi Jeff,

    Makes sense, but the link that's reported in the signature request response object is behind a login (only people with access to the specific signature request can access the files through that link, and they have to authenticate through HelloSign to get it). Plus, that link doesn't change throughout the signing process/isn't dependent on the status of the signature request.

    If you'd still like to store it and compare (which, again, would be extra work that doesn't seem productive), you can extract the values from files_url directly from the response object when the signature request is created and/or when you receive the server-side callback events:

    $files_url = $response->files_url;

    Plus, since this is part of the signature request response object and not something that you can retrieve individually, you'd have to do a server side getSignatureRequest() call and extract the files_url to compare.

    Hope that helps!


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    Alex Griffen

    Hi Jeff,

    Alex G here from HelloSign API Support.

    Take a look at Client.php line 218 - that's the getFiles function. If you pass just the $request_id, you'll get the get_url response, which includes the file_url and expires_at - something like this:

    "file_url": "",
    "expires_at": 1488491194

    from there, you can extract the file_url and/or the expires_at as needed.

    Let us know if there's anything more that we can do!

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    Jeff Grove

    Hi Alex

    Thank you for the reply. I can see that would work but it will require another server round trip to get the data when all the data I want exists in the SignatureRequest as protected data with no accessors.

    Here is my scenario:

    I am writing an audit tool to compare the status of all requests in our system to ensure that the data we have matches the hello sign data. I want to get the SignatureRequest status, signers, dates, etc and if signed, get the path to the signed document. I understand that with the retries on the callback it is unlikely the data will be out of sync for long but we still believe we need the tool. It would only be for our support team and not for end users.

    Making an extra server round trip (or more) would double the perf. Not a deal breaker for a reporting tool but when the data already exists within the object, it seems very wasteful. Make sense?





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    Jeff Grove


    I am writing an audit tool to compare the status of all requests (for a specific user)...

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