How do your Google Docs and Google Drive integrations work?



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    Jechri Dizon-Ngo

    Hello Jessica,

    We can definitely help, welcome to HelloSign's Community!

    Google Docs and Google Drive are separate integrations that serve specific purposes. I'll provide a quick overview of each and link you to relevant Help Center articles:

    Google Drive [Video]
    Setting up Google Drive

    Google Drive is a cloud storage option. You can store documents (among other file types) in Google Drive and documents you create in Google Docs can be found stored in Drive.

    • Copies of completed documents are automatically saved to Google Drive in the automatically generated HelloSign folder. This folder location is hard coded and should not be renamed or moved
    • The integration also allows you to access document stored in Google Drive that you wish to use for signature requests.
      If you're signed into, you can access documents in Google Drive.
      If you are signed into Google Drive, you can choose a document and send a HelloSign signature request. Click here to learn how!
    • You can integrate multiple HelloSign accounts to the same Google Drive account if you have a team who all need access to the same documents

    Setting up Google Docs

    Google Docs is a document creation and editing tool. You can create various documents within Google Docs and you'll find them saved in Google Drive. 

    • You can create documents and convert them into signature requests directly within Google Docs
      See How do I sign Google Docs?
    • You can also access documents stored in Google Drive and edit them within Google Docs
    • You cannot integrate multiple HelloSign accounts to the same Google Docs account. It is one account to one.

    I hope that all helps! If you have any additional questions, feel free to post again. 


    HelloSign Support 

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    Jessica Ng

    Hi Jechri,

    Wow, thanks for all the info! 


    Can any account use these integrations? Or do I need to be on a paid plan? Is there a limit?

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    Jechri Dizon-Ngo

    You're very welcome, Jessica!

    The Google Docs and Google Drive integrations are available for all plans, including our free version. They don't incur any extra costs.

    The only limitation that comes to mind would be if you are using HelloSign's free plan. Free plans come with 3 free documents every 30 days based on your sign up date, so you'll only be able to create and send 3 requests within those 30 days through our site or integrations.


    HelloSign Support 

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