How do templates and template links work? Why are they different?



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    Jechri Dizon-Ngo

    Hi there Etienne,

    Thanks for posting, and great questions!

    Documents refers to the allotment of signature requests you can prepare and send – free plans come with 3 free documents whereas all paid plans come with unlimited documents for signature requests. There is also the file or document itself that you upload to prepare for signing.

    In any standard signature request, you'll designate a signer by name and email address. You'll then prepare your uploaded document for signing by placing signature fields, text boxes, and etc for your signer or signers to complete then send the request to be signed.

    Our template feature allows you to prepare a document for signing but instead designate signer roles so you can reuse your prepared request for different signers again and again. Up to 20 signer roles can be included in one template. When you use a template, you'll enter the name and email address of a signer for the appropriate signer role without needing assign signature fields since they're already set! See the following articles and video for a deep dive:

    What is a template? 
    HelloSign Templates

    Template links are similar to a template, except you can only designate one signer role to complete a template link. We'll provide you with a short URL which you can distribute via email, text, or any way you wish. When a signers clicks your link, it will ask the signer to identify themselves by entering their email address. We'll email a secured link to their email address which the signer will use to complete and sign.

    What is a template link?
    HelloSign Template Link [Video]

    Feel free to post any other questions you might have, thanks! 


    HelloSign Support

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    Etienne Jordan

    Nice vids! Okay, I understand now and I'll post again if I get confused ty

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