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    Alex Griffen

    Hi Maggie,

    Thanks for the question!

    I moved it to HelloSign, because something like this would probably impact the whole of the product.

    At this point, individual signers can Decline to Sign if you've enabled it on the signature request.

    Once a contract is completed by all parties though, it's marked as completed and hashed and the esignatures are legally binding.

    Tell us a bit about your use case though, and why you'd want a way to break contracts after they're completed, and let's start a conversation about the useage. I can also loop my Product team in, so as much detail as possible would be helpful.


    Thanks again!

    -Alex G

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    Hi Alex, 

    I would be very interested in this feature. I utilize HelloSign to send 100+ contractor invoices every week, in which they may decline the invoices for negotiation. Once they decline, I make revisions and use the 'Edit or Resend' option on the Declined invoice. I've noticed the Audit trail attached to the end of the document does not list the decline. 

    I would love a feature that allows more streamlined declines, where the signature request isn't automatically closed after a decline, but rather gives me the option to add a different document or close the request myself. 

    Every now and then I've had a contractor sign the invoice, then retract and request to review the invoice. In this case I would need to start a new signature request and delete the original, rather than going to the original request. A feature to 'Re-Open Signature Request' would be great. 

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    Jen Young

    Thank you, Jessica! I will follow up with you directly for more details.

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