Appending Signature page to end of all documents



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    Alex Griffen

    Hi Timothy,

    By default, as you've discovered, if there's even one text tag we assume that's all you intend the signer to take action on explicitly.

    I'll bring up the idea of adding an optional Signatures page to individual uploads in a signature request and I'll let you know if it's something we decide to build out, though you're right in that you'll need to create your own solution for now - even if we do decide to build it, it could be some time before we release the feature.

    Thanks for posting too! I'm sure others have had similar questions, and this may help as they're thinking through their own integrations.

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    Alex Griffen

    Hi Timothy,

    We were thinking through this issue, and thought of a specific recommendation for a solution: create an optional page (or pages) that you store on your side with text tags that you'd programmatically include as an additional page(s) in the signature request. This page would essentially replace the HelloSign Signatures page, and would hold the same weight.

    I hope this helps!

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