How do I set up documents to be signed on my tablet?


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    Jechri Dizon-Ngo

    Hi Stella,

    Jechri with HelloSign support here.

    Our Business level (and above) plans grant access to HelloSign's in-person signing feature. We recommend using a larger mobile device, such as an iPad or tablet. We've prepared the following Help Center article which will walk you through how to set in-person signing up:

    In-person signing on an iPad or tablet

    Please note that in-person signers will still be required to input an email address so we know where to send their copy once they've completed the document. In-person signing is also meant for forms that are to be filled out by one signer at a time.

    You're welcome to post again if you have any other questions, thanks!

    Kind regards,

    HelloSign Support


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