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    Alex Griffen

    Hey @Prakash,

    Thanks for clarifying, though your use case is not applicable to the HelloSign API (which is the category for this thread).

    You should note though that HelloSign Template Links are only usable with one signer per each document. Here are some resources that talk about Template Links and their use cases:



    https://faq.hellosign.com/hc/en-us/articles/115008306127-Every-time-somebody-clicks-on-my-template-link-it-says-the-signature-request-is-closed (this one is specific to your issue)



    You could create multiple Template Links, though each paid subscription comes with a limit on how many Templates/Template Links you can create and use through hellosign.com.

    It sounds like your use case is may be a bit more complex, so you may want to start a new thread under HelloSign: https://faq.hellosign.com/hc/en-us/community/topics/115000104248-HelloSign

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    Alex McFerron

    Hi Raju,

    Thanks for writing in today.

    There are a few different options of routes you could take in our product line to solve this use case. However, the simplest way to solve this use case is to use what we call Template Links. 

    Template Links

    How this would work, is that you'd create a template link through our system. Then that link could be sent in email's to your user or you could place it on your website. I did read that you did not want a solution that impacted any manual updates to your website, so while that is a possibility, you could also just email the link to your class roster. 

    When each user signs, you will receive an email at the email address that is the account holder that created the template link that says the waiver was signed. This will update you that a person has signed. 

    Also, the user will get an email that allows them to download a copy. You will get a copy in your email that says the document was signed and you will receive a copy of that document in that email you receive. 

    Would this solution work for you?

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    Prakash Bhandari

    This should have worked but here is what i get.. i am not sure why.. Hopefully someone can help me. I have already spent waay too much time on this issue. 


    This signature request has been closed

    • You may have already signed this document
    • One of the signers has declined to sign
    • It was canceled by the sender
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    Alex Griffen

    Hi Prakash,

    Please explain in detail the steps you're taking, and what you're trying to do when you receive the "signature request closed" error.

    Is this related to Raju's issue regarding the 100 signers and downloading the signed documents? 

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    Harish Bakka


    Alex McFerron,


    are we able to create multiple template Links for different scenarios, if the user needs a sign on different docs at the time, what would be the best solution?. This all done by NetSuite. if vendor got created in NetSuite then we would need to send request sign email to sign on it.



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    Prakash Bhandari

    Hi Alex, its very similar to what Raju was trying to do.

    1. I am trying to get 6 users to sign the same document. The document is basically Information Security Acknowledgement.  

    Here are the steps i went throught:

    1. Click Template--> Create Link

    2. Load Document

    3. Prepare the document for signature

    4. This gives me a link that i can email to people that need to sign the doc

    5. i email the link to the people that need to sign.  

    6. When they try to access the link, it says they can't sign. 


    I wonder if I created the link that only one person can sign rather than multiple people???

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